Target the Right Traffic with a Local SEO Strategy

Doing SEO for a local brick and mortar business is a whole lot different than doing SEO for a blog or ecommerce store.  You need to focus on localized keywords that include the products or services you offer and the geographic area you are targeting.  Generating traffic is the goal of any SEO campaign, but in the case of local SEO you want it to come from a very specific geographical location.

Here is how you target the right traffic with a local SEO strategy.

Accurate and Consistent NAP

Local SEO involves listing your business in local online directories.  These directories have essentially replaced the Yellow Pages, some are directories and others like Google My Business, Yelp or Angie’s List offer your customers the chance to review your business as well.  Many of these directories scrape content from the web so the information about your business may be outdated or incorrect.  In these directories you need to make sure that your listing has the right NAP (name, address and phone number).  This can be a long and tedious task, having a SEO company take care of this for you will save you hours of your time.

Optimize Your Listings

Once you have corrected the NAP on these listings now you have to make sure that you list what services and products that your business provides along with some other relevant information.  Users look for specific details when browsing through listings, along with your NAP they want to know business hours, website, pricing information, ratings and reviews information, products/services and methods of payment.  The more information you can provide a potential customer the more inclined they are to patronize your business.

Get Social

Don’t overlook a good social media strategy to promote your business.  It is an excellent way to generate traffic and as an advertising platform it is second to none.  Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin all have their own advertising platforms that can be affordable and give you laser targeted traffic that is looking for your products and services.  Outside of the advertising platforms, use social media to show case your products and services.  Use video to highlight your value, post plenty of pictures across your social channels and publish articles on Linkedin.  You can use social media to respond to customers, find out what services that they want from you and get valuable feedback.

It’s 2017 and if you want to build your business, then SEO needs to be a fundamental part of your growth strategy.  Finding the right location for your business isn’t enough you need to actively market it to local customers too.