SEO Trends for 2017

The SEO industry is ever changing, what would get you that coveted number one spot only five years ago would today very likely get your website penalized.  So what is in store for SEO in 2017?  Here are some strategies that most experts believe will work in 2017 and they will get your website the rankings you deserve.  Here are the SEO trends for 2017.

Content and the end user

Stop building content and websites for Googlebot and start thinking about the visitors who are going to access your site.  Don’t misunderstand and think keywords, LSI keywords and keyword density have stopped being important, because that is still the way Google determines what your site is about.  How you present your information and how it looks from a user point of view will be just as important.

Google is not an enemy you have to conquer, but you need to remember that their goal is to present the most informative and user friendly sites for the users.  They want to present answers to questions people are asking.  You need good well written content that does just that.  You want your readers to understand and enjoy what you present to them.

Structured data markup

If you have ever asked Google a question and then you see the answer that is displayed at the top of the results page.  That answer or “rich snippet” is taken directly from websites and you will see more and more of that used by Google.  If you want to increase your chances of it being your website used to display an answer then it is time to embrace structured data markup and implement it on your website.  Here is a video on how to incorporate rich snippets into your website.

Mobile Experience

A couple of years ago mobile responsiveness was the latest greatest craze you could do to see an improvement in rankings, now it simply isn’t enough.  You have to keep the mobile experience in mind when you create content.  Some SEO’s have coined the term “dense content”, this will replace the long content you’re used to seeing when looking at a site on a desktop.  Traditionally longer content has ranked better and that lead to some debate as to what the word count of a post should actually be.  That being said imaging trying to read a 10k word post on your mobile.  Your eyes are probably crossing at the mere thought.  Now you need to get the most information in the least amount of space.

Voice search

This is going to be the future of SEO as voice technology becomes more predominant.  It won’t be long before every model of smartphone comes with a very intuitive virtual assistant such as you find on the newly launched Google Pixel phone.  How people do searches verbally versus how they type them in is much different.  More people will adapt to using virtual assistant and voice searches will eventually be the default method of search.

You need to keep in mind that nobody knows for sure what Google has planned for 2017 and beyond, but you can expect these SEO trends to be part of the near future.  The days of “if you build it they will come” are long gone and you need to optimize your site around what is working today.